December - Ted Barris - “The Great Escape – A Canadian Story”

Ted Barris.png

Ted Barris is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster. Ted is the author of 19 bestselling, non-fiction books including a series on wartime Canada.

November - Diane Dupuy - Famous PEOPLE Players Founder

Diane Dupuy.png

Diane talked about this professional black lighttheatre troupe consisting mainly of PEOPLE whoare developmentally challenged.

October - Maestro Michael Newnham "What does a Conductor Do?"

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Michael is the Music Director of Symphony New Brunswick
and the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra. He is best known for his intense and inspiring conducting style.

September - Ed Adach, “Confessions of a Forensic Detective”

Ed Adach.png

By taking us behind the yellow line, Detective Adach will show how footprints have aided in solving murder cases.

August - Kim Phuc,  “Napalm Girl”

Kim Phuc.png

Kim Phuc's story is one of both unrelenting horror and hope.

Napalm Girl.png

July - Alan Mallory  “You Rock:

                              An Upbeat Focus on Emotional Intelligence”

Alan Mallory.png

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, manage and
purposefully express our own emotions as well as to understand
and respond appropriately to the emotions of others.

June - Thanh Campbell, “Orphan 32”

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Thanh Campbell was born in Vietnam and came over to Canada as part of the last flight out of Saigon in 1975 with 56 other orphan children. You will hear of his amazing life, the value of family, life and the power of love.

May - Joanne Arbour  “Wrongful Convictions”

Joanne Arbour.png

Joanne will presented various Canadian cases of wrongful
convictions and explore the causes of wrongful convictions.

April - “The Art of Saying Yes -
           Life Lessons Learned on My Journey Back From Cancer”

Neil Crone.png

Neil Crone is a well known actor / writer / comedian.

March - Kathy Morton “Buddhism”


Ms. Morton will be talking about Buddhism and the process of developing the largest Buddhist retreat in North America, the Wutai Shan Garden. It is located in nearby Bethany. Ms. Morton will address what Buddhism is and how she became involved in this project.

February - A Painting Practice

Darcy Kennedy.png

Darcie Kennedy's talk will be an introduction to her painting practice and a brief explanation of how she got there with historical and contemporary painting examples. She will examine her work and also take a look at other contemporary painters who have influenced her work. (Photo by Julia Martin)

January - Cannabis Legislation

Michelle Davis.png

Michelle Davis from Tweed Inc. will give an educational presentation on cannabis. She will discuss cannabis legislation, the uses of medical cannabis, safe and responsible use and accessing cannabis.

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