SEA - Social Events and Activities

You will hear the expression SEA often in this club, and it is an acronym for Social Events and Activities. SEA is the heart of this club, as it pulls together members into various events and activities.

So just what is the difference?

An EVENT is a major outing, usually - but not limited to - a one-time affair. Examples of events are trips, shows, performances, concerts. Often they are space-limited, require advance sign-ups or registrations, and usually will cost some money.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES are less formal and generally occur on a repeating basis, perhaps weekly or monthly. Social Activities can be space-limited and also generally require a sign-up; they can be either free or have a nominal fee. Some examples of social activities are breakfasts/brunches, lunches, games, sports, educational classes.

Events and Social Activities are posted here on this site and can be found under the Events Menu - or use the buttons below to take you there. They are also listed in our newsletters and announced at our monthly meetings. Members can register for an event or activity at the monthly meeting. For those unable to attend the meetings, it is suggested you check this site or the newsletter to see what is happening in your club; you can then contact your SEA coordinator to arrange registration and payment.